Sigma Pi - Delta Iota

Welcome to the new home of the University of Wisconsin - Platteville Sigma Pi. Here you can find everything and anything from the gentlemen of Sigma Pi - Delta Iota. Currently our biggest project we have underway is raising money to completely renovate the house.

A message from the Fundraising Committee:

Good afternoon, fellow Sigma Pi Alumni!  Hope everyone had a great holiday season and ready for the new year. 

Over the past year, there have been discussions about a growing issue of the current state of the Sigma Pi fraternity house.  It has been in use for almost 50 years with no major renovations or updating.  In the more recent past, the basement flooded causing significant damage where it required complete demolition.  Currently, the basement is bare and uninhabitable and the remainder of the house is showing its age. 

At the last couple alumni meetings, there were discussions in regards to renovating the whole house to provide the needed repairs and to conform to current housing code.  Professional contractors were consulted and plans drawn up.  The projected cost of the project is between $200,000 and $250,000.  This cost includes:  full basement repair, updating all baths and kitchen, the main floor, and the second floor.   

A portion of the needed funds will come from the housing corporation, however it does not have enough to cover the entire cost.  Therefore, the request is being made of all Sigma Pi alumni to contribute to the project.  Construction is planned over a three year period and contributions can be made all at once or in installments over the course of construction.   

Enclosed is a donation “Pledge Form”.  This form will be used for planning and projection purposes.  We are requesting a total of $500 donation and up with payment over a 3 year period.  Please indicate the amount of money you are able to contribute and the timeframe you want to donate.  For example, a total of $1,500 can be pledged with 3 payments of $500 per year.  We understand the amount of the request can be burdensome, so please feel free to contribute any amount you are comfortable with. 

It is understood this is a big request of all alumni, but please remember those days when we were in college and an active member of the Fraternity.  We had some of my most memorable experiences which will be with us forever and we built friendships with a dimension of closeness, which can never be replicated.  The fraternity house was the cornerstone or centerpiece where these memories and friendships were built. 

Also enclosed are some recent pictures of the house and an overview of the building plans. 

If you want more information or want to take a more active role, please contact one of the below members. 


Fundraising Committee.